See this? See that little metapackage in the top part of that graph, sharing a space with iceape and opera?

There’s that metapackage for a reason: There’s more browsers than Midori, Konqueror, Chrome, FF, and whatever else is in Debian mainline. I attempted to mention this to the folks in #debian but got two very conflicted responses:

  1. Its in Squeeze, so its “Old” and therefore not “maintained” by Debian anymore. There’s a special ring in hell for people who don’t support the PREVIOUS release.
  2. I’m not REALLY running Debian, I’m running CrunchBang, so I need to go take it up with them — not the maintainers of the package, but the dist I’m using because you know, this isn’t debian anymore because someone’s dropped some packages on there to customize it.

I realize, okay, that the debian folks need to keep a tight ship. I realize not all the browsers that provide www-browser are graphical. I also realize that some people like a little more choice when it comes to what they use.

I’m curious to see if the openJDK one has the same problem.